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The Canopy Health Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador Program is designed to help our members and providers understand our Alliance Referral Program. A team of specially trained patient advocates are available to answer questions or offer guidance to new and incoming Canopy Health members.

When to contact your Ambassador

  1. New to Canopy Health?
    We're here to ease changes in your care needs. We can help guide you in your health plan's process for choosing a doctor. We can help you move your medical records and prescriptions so there are no gaps in your care.
  2. Want to see a specialist?
    You and your doctor decide which of Canopy Health's doctors is right for you. Our Ambassadors are here to help members and providers take advantage of the entire Canopy Health network through the Alliance Referral Program.
  3. How to contact your Ambassador:
    Contact us via secure email or by phone Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

    Phone: 415-712-1020

Find doctors

To learn more about the physicians and medical groups in the Canopy Health alliance, please visit

Meet one of our Ambassadors

Canopy Health Ambassador profile image

"I've always had a desire to help others. As a Canopy Health Ambassador, I will help patients and their families by providing helpful resources to meet their needs." — Valeria