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Take an active role in your health care with CanopyCare HMO. You can work with your primary care physician (PCP) to choose care that fits your life. Get care where you live, work and play!

More doctors, specialists and hospitals closer to you

Your health plan includes Canopy Health. Visit one of Canopy Health’s five well-known medical groups:

  • 5,000+ doctors
  • 22 hospitals/medical centers
  • 42 urgent care centers


CanopyCare HMO is:

Affordable. $0 medical deductibles with fixed copays for many services.

Easy. Just make an appointment with your primary care physician.*

  • No claim forms (except emergency out-of-network care).
  • Programs to help you improve your health and well-being.
  • Your PCP will guide most of your healthcare needs.

See if your providers are in the CanopyCare network:

  • Search doctors and services at
    From the menu:
    1. Select Canopy Health – Health Net CanopyCare.
    2. Look up providers by ZIP code or name.

CanopyCare HMO has a lot to offer! Check out the Member Guide - Coming soon

* Self-referrals are allowed for OB/GYN reproductive and sexual health care services within your PCP's medical group. If the OB/GYN is outside of this medical group, a referral is necessary.

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