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Transition of Care

Kudos for Becoming a New Health Net CanopyCare HMO member!

We’re here to help make your transition easy

Welcome to Health Net CanopyCare HMO! Listed below are steps you can take to help ensure a smooth transition to your new plan.

  1. Refill Prescriptions

    Medications. Contact your pharmacy to see if you have any available refills for your prescriptions. Do this so you won't run out before making the change to your new plan. Medications include:
    • Pills
    • Insulin
    • Ointments and creams
    • Medicine you inject and more
    Medical Equipment. Contact your current medical equipment provider to see if they accept your new health plan. If they don't, talk to your new doctor about getting a new prescription with a new medical equipment provider. Medical equipment includes:
    • Oxygen equipment
    • Glucose monitors
    • CPAP machines
    • Breast pumps and more
  2. Transfer Medical Records

    Are you changing doctors with your new plan? You can also request to transfer your medical records from your old doctor to your new doctor. Don't forget that California law protects your personal health information. Because of this, please expect to sign a Release of Information form. Ask your new doctor if they have a form. Or, you can download it here (PDF).
  3. Apply for Continuity of Care

    Medical Continuity of Care: If you are currently getting active treatment for any illness, or planning a surgery, you may be able to get Continuity of Care arrangements while you move to your new doctor(s). If you would like more information, visit our Continuity of Care page. To complete the Continuity of Care form, download it here (PDF).

    Prescription Transition of Care: In order to avoid any issues with your prescription in the first 90 days, please complete one of the prescription transition of care forms:

Tip: Cold and flu season means doctor's offices are very busy. Also, non-urgent appointments are hard to come by between January and March. It's a good idea to schedule a new member appointment with your doctor as soon as you can. This will give both of you the chance to get to know each other.